Q1 How do I correctly put on Alex for it to work properly?

Here I will demonstrate the correct way to use Alex. First unfold the legs on either side the legs should look like the no 11 when viewed from above Then move Alex to the back of your head and hang it over your ears. now compress the folded part of the leg as much as you can maintaining good posture select the calibration option on the Alex app and try moving your head to check the movement of avatar if the avatar’s movement seems a little odd ?

and move the sensor up a bit your avatar should now be synced perfectly to track your neck movement.

Q2  How do I check my past neck posture?

First we’ll take a look at the alex app’s home screen. if you touch the black circle, you can check your hourly posture for the selected day. the light green bar on the graph represents the total time for good posture.

and the green bar represents the total time for active posture. you can slide the graph left and right to view your weekly scores. the green dot of line represents your set goal. now let’s take a look at the circular graph. you can see the today’s data or? organized by scores. you can even check your past data by pressing the arrow buttons

Q3 what is the avatar function?

The avatar in the alex app lets you know whether the alex is on properly functioning properly and helps you monitor the condition of your neck.

as you know, red indicates poor posture and green indicates good posture.

Q4 How exactly does alex alert me for poor posture?

Select settings in the app.  and go to the poor posture angle. the red triangle indicates currently set angle and the white circle indicates the angle that you wish to modify the setting to.

now try slowly slouching your neck down to the angle you would like to receive the alerts for. that looks about right! let’s save the setting.

Q5 How long does the poor posture need to be maintained before receiving vibration alerts?

Go to the reminding time menu from the app’s settings menu. You can set after how many minutes you’d like to get notified when your poor posture lasts. Consult the video and pick the right settings for you.

Q6 Can i use alex without the app?

You can use Alex without smartphone. Without your phone being around, whenever you look down to read documents or chat with friends, Alex helps you maintain good posture. Even when you’re sitting on toilet, Alex never stops! You can use Alex without  the application. The data recorded during usage without app is loaded onto application intact to refresh your posture chart when you click the “refresh” button on the main screen of application.

Q7  what types of poor posture can Alex detect?

Can alex detect text nect? yes it can. let’s try the forward head posture. see if it can detect this. ah~ it certainly does! That’s so alex.