Q1 How do I correctly put on Alex for it to work properly?

First, unfold the legs so you can easily place alex on your neck and hang the legs over your ears. Next, compress the folds in the legs to tighten comfortably. The sensor pack should be positioned just above your shoulder line. Next,maintaining good posture select ‘calibration’ in the alex app and move your head while viewing the in-app avatar. Reposition the sensor pack on your neck by adjusting the legs until the avatar’s movement syncs with your head movement.

Q2  How do I check my past neck posture?

Looking at the alex app home screen touch the black circle to check hourly posture for the selected day. The dark green bar shows total usage and the light green bar shows time with good posture. Slide the graph left and right to view weekly results. The green dotted line represents your goals.

In the circular graph you can see the today’s data, organized by scores. You can check historic data by touching the arrows.

Q3 what is the avatar function?

The avatar in the alex app lets you know when alex is on and functioning properly. It helps you monitor your posture in real time to understand where correct posture should be. Red indicates poor posture and green indicates good posture.

Q4 How exactly does alex alert me for poor posture?

Select settings in the app and go to the poor posture angle. The red triangle indicates current angle settings and the white circle indicates the angle that you wish to modify the setting to. Slowly bend your neck down to the angle you would like to receive the alerts for. Finally, save that setting.

Q5 How long does the poor posture need to be maintained before receiving vibration alerts?

Go to the reminding time menu from the app’s settings menu. You can set after how many minutes you’d like to get notified when your poor posture lasts. Consult the video and pick the right settings for you.

Q6 Can i use alex without the app?

Yes, you can use alex without the app. Even if you don’t have your phone with you, alex helps you maintain good posture with the alert setting you saved previously. Posture data recorded while not connected with your phone can be uploaded simply by touching ‘refresh’ on the main screen, whenever the alex device is connected to the app.

Q7  what types of poor posture can Alex detect?

With the device connected to the alex app, and with the avatar screen displayed, bend your neck down. Check the avatar – it’s detected your poor posture!