How long does ALEX lasts after charging?

ALEX is fully charged after 2 hours and it is available for 70 hours.

Can I wear ALEX with glasses?

Yes, we designed ALEX so that it can be worn by various people(Even most of our team members wear glasses). We tried to minimize the pain of the ear. The comfortableness would depend on shape of the glasses, but many of our customers wear ALEX with their glasses.

Do I need a smartphone in order to use ALEX?

We highly recommend that you use a smartphone. ALEX operates without using the app. However, you need ALEX for setting your posture data, and for looking up your collected posture data.

Does ALEX only focuses on a neck posture?

ALEX focuses on the neck posture. Once the neck posture is fixed, shoulder, and back postures are lines up with the neck. Overall, it would form a balanced posture.

Can I use ALEX while walking or running?

We do not suggest using ALEX in outdoor activities. It wouldn’t be a problem when you are doing a light walking, but when you are running, ALEX cannot perform a good posture assessment.

Can ALEX detect the postures tilted sideways or bending backward?

The latest version of ALEX can only detect the neck moving forward. But the 3-axis accelerometer inside ALEX can detect all directions. We are considering to upgrade our function so that it can measure bad postures in different directions.

My ALEX detects "Text Neck", but doesn't detect "Forward Head Posture" properly.

The sensor of ALEX needs to be positioned right on back of your neck to monitor both “Text neck” and “Forward head posture”. If you have trouble with wearing ALEX, please watch videos on “How to wear”.

My ALEX does not sync with the app

1. If ALEX’s battery is too low, the Bluetooth connection is affected. Check if there’s enough battery on your device.

2. Check if the Bluetooth on your smartphone is enabled. If so, try resetting it.

3. If you still cannot sync, turn off your app and device and restart. Re-open ALEX app and try to sync again.

My ALEX’s earpiece is broken. Is it eligible for repair?

Instead of going through complicating procedures, we can issue you a new ALEX with 1 year warranty. Please let us know your case at alex@ We will register the case and guide you to submit the delivery fee and issue you a new ALEX. Don’t worry about your compiled posture data. It will recover in the new device as long as you have your login ID and PW.

What’s your warranty policy?

ALEX provides a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under normal conditions of use for a period of one year(365 days) from the date of purchase of electronic device.

What’s your return policy?

If you are not satisfied with the product you directly purchased from us, you can request a refund within 7 days upon receipt of product. For example, if you bought ALEX from us at a conference, you can request a refund 7 days upon the receipt of the product. However, you must follow the relevant conditions if you made a purchase at different online/offline store.