What is Alex+ like?

What is Alex+ like?

Alex Plus is a wearable device that measures the posture of your neck and notifies you to correct bad postures, such as forward head posture. Using the coaching program provided through the app, you can check your posture data by yourself and manage your posture in systematic ways.

Do I have to wear Alex+ everyday?

To improve your posture with Alex+, it is recommended that you wear it for at least 4 hours a day for 3 weeks. You should wear it steadily in order to correct your bad posture.

* It depends on the person.

How do I wear it?
What is the proper way of wearing it?
Can eyeglass wearers wear Alex+?
Will it be inconvenient for them?

The Alex team has developed Alex+ in a flexible design so eyeglass wearers can also wear Alex+. However, it depends on the width and thickness of the eyeglass frames.

Can Alex+ put pressure on the ear when wearing for a long time?

Alex+ is a lightweight product of approximately 20 grams. By adjusting the leg length to the correct size for you, you can wear it for a long time with good wearability.

Will the alarm go off for forward head position only?

Alarm goes off only when you are in a forward head position. Alarm does not go off when you keep your head up or when you tilt your head. However, when maintaining the same posture for a long time, alarm goes off to suggest stretching for a healthy neck posture.

Can students wear Alex+?

Alex+ has been designed as a free size. If you pull off a fixed ring to the middle of the leg of Alex + and fix it by adjusting the leg length, it will fit to anyone.

Is it possible to use Alex+ when walking?

We recommend you use Alex+ when you are sitting down. Enhancements will be updated via firmware and apps.

Does Alex+ have Bluetooth ear buds?

Alex+ does not offer Bluetooth earphone functions. It only offers the functions for posture management.

Where do I download an app?

If you use Android, go to Google play. If you use iOS, search ‘Alex plus’. You can download ‘Alex plus’ from the App Store.

* Alex plus is not compatible with other apps. (i.e. Apple Health, SHealth)

Is Alex+ waterproof?

Alex+ is not waterproof. If you use Alex+ in a humid environment or if it falls into water, it may cause malfunction.

Is Alex+ a medical device?

Alex+ is not a medical device. Alex+ is a healthcare product that helps you with your postural habits.

I am concerned about electromagnetic waves.

Alex+ is a verified product that has been certified for electromagnetic suitability at home and abroad.

How do I charge Alex+?

Alex+ can be charged using a Micro 5pin (typical Android charging port) and is fully charged in about two hours in general. After full charge, you can use it for about 7 days.

* It may vary depending on the environment.

Do it vibrate on the smartphone?

Alex+ tells you the right posture through vibration. Alarms via smartphone is not currently available.

What is the difference between Alex and Alex+?

Alex+ has been upgraded to reflect opinions about Alex from customers and experts. For the hardware side, Alex+ has been made lighter and improved in terms of wearability. The smartphone app for Alex+ has added various functions such as a program to improve postural habit and a stretching exercise. It considered user convenience to systematically manage posture on a daily basis.

I am currently using Alex. Is it compatible with the Alex+ app?

Older Alex products will not be connected to the new Alex+ app.

How do I use Alex+?

Is Bluetooth connection required?

You can use Alex+ without connecting to a smartphone. Alex + app is to provide services such as setting up for convenience, checking data, coaching programs, and stretching exercises. Even if Bluetooth connection to the app is interrupted by the surrounding environment, the service you were using will be still available.

It is often disconnected from Bluetooth. Is it malfunctioning?

The Alex team is looking for ways for efficient battery management on smartphones and Alex+. Currently, Alex+ may be disconnected from Bluetooth due to external environments and disconnected for efficient management of battery when connected for a long time. It is not malfunctioning, and if you reconnect to Bluetooth again, you can continue to use the service you were using.

It does not vibrate (feedback) right away.

It notifies users through vibration when a bad posture lasts longer than the set time. If it does not vibrate immediately, you can adjust the posture setting (angle) and notification time, then soft alarm will go off.

It is not being charged properly.

Alex is charged through the micro 5 pin (typical Android charging port) charging port. When you start charging Alex by connecting to micro 5pin, the red LED lights flicker while charging. When the charging is completed, the blue LED lights flicker for notification. If there is no change in the LED status, or if it works differently from the above description, there may be defects. In that case, please contact customer center.

Customer Center : 070-7774-2003

Customer support

Where can I purchase Alex+?

You can purchase Alex+ on Naver Shopping in Korea or amazon.com if you are overseas.

How do I get an after-sales service?

We provide free after-sales services for up to 1 year for defective products. After one year, we charge for after-sales services for malfunctions caused by customers. If you contact us, we will guide you accordingly.

Customer Service : 070-7774- 2003

* Round-trip courier service is on the customer.

Some of the components are lost / damaged. Can I purchase more components?

Please contact customer center and we will inform you.

Customer Center : 070-7774- 2003

When do you start shipping products?

The product be shipped starting from 1:00 pm for the order of previous day and the same day. You may receive the product within 1-2 business days.

* Except for weekends and holidays

How to exchange (return) the product

Exchange (return) is subject to the policies of your place of purchase. If you apply for exchange (return) according to the sales system of the place of purchase, parcel service personnel will visit you to collect the product. You don’t have to tell the parcel service personnel about the place of purchase.

How do I contact Customer Center?

Please contact customer service at 070-7774- 2003 or at alex@alexposture.com for Q&A.