ALEX Gift Guide – Gadgets To Beef Up Productivity At Work

As we approach the final quarter of the year, it’s time now more than ever, to push hard until the holiday season.  It’s important to stay on task as you head into the busiest time of year. More importantly, is ensuring that you and your team stay healthy in and out of the office.

The following list is a compilation of devices to improve productivity and general well-being in the office.


GoTouch from Anyractive turns any display eg; TV, monitor or projector, into a touch screen. On the ‘new screen’ you’ll be able to write anything with the GoTouch Pen. You won’t be woring alone though. GoTouch allows you to share your work with co-workers in real time using the same screen.

For example; A team using GoTouch in New York could be explaining next month’s Facebook ad schedule with a team in Kansas. The Kansas team, who will be creating the content, can pull up the weather forecast for the New York team to see so they can co-ordinate outdoor shoots together.

Multiple colleges are able to use GoTouch at the same time, even with their mobile phones.

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ZIKTO Walk is a posture and activity coach that keeps track and helps you to correct your walking posture. It gives a gentle reminder buzz whenever you have poor posture when you look at a smartphone, put your hands in pockets or lean against a wall.

ZIKTO talks to an app and records all your progress. Many people experience pain after working out which prompts them to give up prematurely. This pain may be caused by improper posture during exercise, something that’s simple to correct.

Something that’s really unique about ZIKTO is how you ‘unlock’ it. Your walking pattern is unique just like a thumbprint. ZIKTO dects who is walking and unlocks based on their walking pattern (tempo, arm swinging)

Looking at your phone usually means you’re putting increased weight on your neck. ZIKTO will let you know when you get a message so you don’t waste time checking for notifications

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Air quality, especially in big cities, is always a nagging thought in the back of our minds. Humid summers and dry winters put increased stress on our respiratory systems and can turn a small cough into a nasty cold in a day’s work.

AWAIR is a compact air quality reader, and it’s going to keep you healthy this flu season. AWAIR monitors the air around you and lets you know exactly what you’re breathing via an app. It then gives you tips on how to change your surroundings to improve air quality.

It can also connect with Smart Home Devices like thermostats, air conditioners, smart phones, watches and tvs. A home that is aware that it’s too humid and automatically adjusts the thermostat and dehumidifier isn’t as futuristic as it sounds…

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ALEX Posture Coach
If you don’t know what ALEX is go back and read all our recent blog posts!

ALEX is your wearable posture coach and posture tracker. It’s the first wearable to accurately measure the angle of your neck and the position of your head, so you can put an end to neck pain.

The app also provides graphs that track your progress every minute you use ALEX. You’ll be able to compare your good posture ‘streaks’ with friends and work together to improve your posture. Avatar Mode allows you to view and manage posture changes in real-time.

Its impossible to correct posture over night. ALEX is here to coach and encourage you on your way to achieving perfect posture.

Buy ALEX here

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