What Are They Saying About ALEX?

The best way we can show you how well ALEX works is to get it into the hands of people who need it most. We sent ALEX out to some leading bloggers who all struggle with poor posture.  We are excited to report that all of our bloggers had a positive experience with ALEX and saw real, tangible improvements in their posture.

#1 I’m Improving My Posture with ALEX Wearable Posture Tracker and Coach

Allison Giones of OurSmallHours.com is a modern day mom who does it all. Though she had perfect posture when she was a teen, years behind a desk (like most of us) wreaked havoc on her spine and posture.


“When I was a teen and my body was in alignment I moved through the world easily with no discomfort. Over the years, mostly due to working behind a computer, I’ve lost my excellent posture and gained the discomfort that comes with incorrect posture.”

Click here to read on about Allison’s  experience with ALEX and how it has improved her posture

#2 Alex Wearable Posture Tracker and Coach Giveaway #BeatTextNeck @alexposture

Athena at the stuff of success describes ALEX as “one of the most unique products I have tried in a long time”. 

As a School Business Administrator by day and busy mother of two by night, Atheena is no stranger to the back pain that creeps up on you after sitting at a desk for hours on end.


Interestingly, Athena found that she was holding her head too upright and over correcting her incorrect posture. ALEX is a great tool that can let you know if your posture is incorrect in anyway, not just if you’re slouching. Read more here.

#3 Quit slouching with the ALEX Wearable Posture Tracker and Coach

Alison Green of Ask A Manager.com  is honest.

“I’ll just say it: I have terrible posture when I’m working. I slouch, I hunch, I behave as if I don’t have a spine in my back. To look at me, you would think I was a jellyfish. A typing jellyfish.”

If only we could all be as honest with ourselves when it comes to looking after our health. Alison started Ask A Manager after being Chief Of Staff for a medium sized successful organisation. Now a private consultant, Allison has spent most of her professional career around desks and offices.


“The first day I used the app, I was pretty horrified to see how much I slouch, but it was gratifying to see my quick improvement after paying attention to the app. After a week of using ALEX, I’m distinctly less jellyfish-like … and I can actually feel the difference in my back and shoulders.”

It’s exciting to see the positive progress Alison made as she used ALEX. You can read her entire post here.


In a similar piece to one posted on this very blog, Kimberly Grabinski of TheySmell.com looked into the various health issues associated with poor posture.


Kimberly covers everything from the digestion problems that come from slouching to how ALEX helped her to correct her posture within half an hour of wearing it. The fact that ALEX inspired Kimberly to further investigate the effects of poor posture is exactly what we want ALEX to do.

We’re not a magical-instant-posture-curing-device. ALEX is your personal posture coach. It’s a coaches job to teach the athlete the ins and outs of the sport at hand. Our ‘sport’ is posture correction and we love to see our athletes succeed.

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