ALEX At TRANS H.Spectrum Taiwan

Early last week, The ALEX team and I headed down to Taipei to participate in the first TRANS Forum for Medical Startups in Taiwan. The event featured over 20 speakers from various business backgrounds and was stacked with over 40 exciting medical startups from all over the world.

I’m incredibly proud to say that ALEX took home first place and won the entire competition! The reception from the judges and Taiwanese public was incredible.

3The judges directly compared ALEX to similar products like standing desks and other posture correction devices. The feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive with some judges saying ALEX’s biggest strength was that it prevents neck pain from occurring in the first place.

Other talking points were how easy ALEX is to use and the potential market that ALEX can reach. We’re a Korean company and Korea has a huge smartphone adoption rate. It pains me to ride the subway and see people hunched over their phones to only go on to hunch over a desk for the rest of their day. With the rest of the world quickly catching up in terms of smart phone penetration, Text Neck is going to only become a larger issue.

I wanted the team to head to this event because we were really interested in the crowd who would be attending. The event was based on connecting healthcare startups with investors which was a huge opportunity for us.1

Taiwan is a particularly interesting market for us because like Korea, Taiwan has a very large smart phone adoption rate at over 50%. That means smartphone penetration in Taiwan is higher than Germany and almost double Japan. It was also a very short flight from Korea which was a huge bonus!

We’re really thankful for the events sponsors, speakers and organisers who put together a fantastic show. Our time in Taiwan won’t be soon forgotten and we hope to be back next year!


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