How Text Neck Is Ruining Productivity In Your Office

By now, you’ve probably heard of ‘Text Neck’. The latest term for the chronic pain many people experience because of extended smart phone and computer sessions.

If you’ve looked up from your phone long enough on public transport, you’ll see that most of your fellow passengers are glued to their phones. Of course, sitting in a hunched position  isn’t anything new. People have been looking down at books, desks and stone tablets for hundreds of years, long before smartphones became a daily necessity. The difference is that we don’t carry around our desks and keyboards with us all day. Never before have we had a device that we feel is so integral to everyday life.

Is Text Neck having an impact on your workplace?

As a manager, it’s part of your duty to make sure that your office is running as efficiently as possible. This is not a guide to getting your employees to stop playing ‘Pokémon Go’ at work. It’s about learning how Text Neck can disrupt workflow and productivity, even when phones are out of sight.

Signs That People In Your Office Have Text Neck

Neck Pain Can Be Extremely Distracting
When your neck extends and looks down, the weight of the head plays havoc on sensitive neck muscles over an extended period. This can lead to chronic pan, poor concentration and in extreme cases, surgery is required to repair damage to the spine.

To relieve pain regular standing and stretching is recommended. A problem I’m sure many of you run into is that you resume slouching only a few minutes after returning to your desk.


Image Source:Surgical Technology

Poor Posture Changes Your Attitude at Work
It’s well known how poor posture can lead to physical problems. However, something that’s not talked about,are the effects on our mental state due to bad posture.

San Francisco State University did an experiment on two groups of students. They found that a group of students asked to carry themselves with purposely bad posture experienced heightened signs of depression. The group that were instructed to stand up straight and skipped down the hall experienced heightened levels of energy.

“The students also took questionnaires to rate their general depression levels. Students who were generally more depressed reported far lower energy levels after slouched walking than those who were generally not depressed.”
– Philip Riley

A study from Harvard showed that people who sat with good posture (head up, shoulders wide) experienced a 20% increase in testosterone levels and 25% decrease in cortisol. Those who sat with poor posture experienced the complete opposite effects with a 10% decrease in testosterone.

Save your office from a plague of bad posture


When we developed ALEX, we wanted it to be non-intrusive but also a reliable way to train people how to correct their posture. Text Neck is not something that can be fixed overnight but it is something that you can work at every day with minimal effort.

An important part about ALEX was to make it  affordable. ALEX can be introduced into offices where people can work together in improving their posture. Being able to look at tracked information and compare it with friends and co-workers adds a level of friendly competition and accountability when using ALEX.

All of your data and ‘good posture’ streaks are stored and presented via the app. You can compare your posture to previous weeks and see how your posture improves over your time with Alex.  There’s no quick fix, but there is a solution to a problem which is going to become a big deal across the world in the years to come.

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