The ALEX Test

How many times do you need to be told?

By now, you would have seen it on the news, read it on a blog, and been told by your loved ones; Sitting hunched over every day and looking down at your smartphone or laptop can spell disaster for your spine.

Sure enough, free ‘posture correction techniques’ can be found all over the internet. So do you really need to pay a few extra dollars to buy a device that reminds you to look up?

The thing about bad posture is that you can’t correct it over a lunch break. Good posture is built on routine. We built ALEX knowing that routine was one of the key components when correcting posture.

To prove our point, we put ALEX to the text in our offices in a few familiar scenarios. The goal of our experiments was to demonstrate how ALEX’s vibration feedback can help you build a ‘good posture’ routine. The following experiments show exactly how easy it is to forget to sit up straight.



 Test 1

Our first test was with Dr. Chee, our CTO and the mastermind behind ALEX. He wore ALEX when he started work at 10:30 am and kept it on until just before lunch at 2:15 pm without the vibration mode enabled. That is – he did not know when he slouched and stayed in poor posture.

Much to our dismay, you can see that ALEX recorded his posture as ‘poor’ for more than half the time in use. To his credit, he was conscious about maintaining ‘some’ level of good posture. Though there are some good stretches, the long period of ‘poor’ posture is clearly noticeable.

Then, throughout the afternoon from 4:20 to 8pm, Dr. Chee wore ALEX with the vibration alerts set ‘on’ to notify him when he slouched for longer than 20 seconds and his posture dropped more than 20 degrees.

Immediately you can see that the ‘good’ bars in green have almost completely replaced the ‘poor’ in red.


 Test 2

The second test is a great example of how hard it is to build and maintain a good routine. ON the left we can see Gray using ALEX on the 20th without the vibration mode active. While there are great streaks of good posture, there’s obviously room for improvement.

The second graph actually shows us recordings from the day before. Gray was using ALEX with the vibration reminder ‘on’. Right away you can see the difference and drop in good posture between the two days.  Obviously, the decreasing rate of good posture isn’t a perfect result, after all, we’re a posture correcting company!  But it is exciting to see that, after using ALEX with reminders and now without, Gray still made more of an effort to correct his posture.


Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

 There isn’t some ‘magic fix’ when it comes to good posture. The hard truth is that it’s all about routine. Which is exactly what ALEX is built on. It’s a device that you can use for some time and feel its effects immediately. Even when you’re not wearing it, ALEX’s effects on your posture are noticeable. There aren’t many gadgets around that can positively change your daily routine and health even when you stop wearing them.

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*There are few minutes missing in the graph when Dr.Chee took ALEX off his neck and the device didn’t track his posture*

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