What Is Text Neck?

Some Kind of Wearable Messaging Device?

Is Text Neck some kind of wearable that lets you tap out messages on your jugular? Unfortunately, ‘Text Neck’ has been uncomfortably sitting on our shoulders since the iPhone launched in 2007. To put it simply, the reliance on mobile phones in the modern day has forced us into putting extended pressure on our necks.

80% of people over the age of 13 in the US have a smartphone. Therefore, Text Neck is an issue that is going to affect a very large portion of the population. We’re spending more and more time with our phones.  Most of us only spend 2 waking hours away from phones a day (i.e. phone not in our pocket or hand).

Craning your neck over your iPhone isn’t healthy. That’s obvious to most of us. The hard numbers behind looking down for extended periods are even more surprising. Standard phone usage is done bending our necks down at 60 degrees. That’s the same amount of pressure on your neck as carrying around a toddler on your shoulders whenever you send a text or snapchat.

Severe cases can lead to the flattening of the cervical curve, and even require corrective surgery.


How do I know if I have Text Neck?

  • Upper back pain which can range from a dull throb to severe stabbing pains
  • Echoing pain from the neck down the arm
  • Difficulty in looking left to right, general neck flexibility
  • Poor posture

How Can I Treat Text Neck?

Treating Text Neck is actually relatively simple. The first thing to do is a basic self-assessment. Where do your shoulders sit? Are you hunched forward, as you read this article on your commute to the office? Are you looking down ‘at’ your phone or up and ‘toward’ your phone?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s likely that at some point, you’ve altered your posture to accommodate your smart phone and not the other way around.

Ways To Treat Text Neck

  • Take regular breaks
  • Basic neck stretches (looking up, down, left to right)
  • Hold your phone at eye level and not near your navel or in your lap
  • Raise your computer screen to eye level


Sit up straight!

Sometimes it’s difficult to check these boxes during a busy day of meetings or while sending a series rapid emails to a client. Wearables like ALEX walk the line between setting good habits and sitting, unnoticed in the background.

ALEX sits on the back of your neck and tracks your posture at all times during the day. It records this data to a smartphone app and ranks how well you maintained your posture over time. There are options for ALEX to provide a gentle vibration to remind you when your posture slips below a certain point.

ALEX is there to stop the problem of Text Neck before it happens. However, it can also be used to aid those who are already suffering from chronic back and neck pains. Scrolling back through the app, you’ll be able to see your progress and posture improve as your time with ALEX goes on. Everything is customizable and ALEX’s reminder systems can be adjusted to be very accurate as soon as your posture slips, or act as a gentle reminder during a busy work day.

Get ALEX here


Title Image: idealspinehealth.com

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