The Importance of Good Posture
The widespread use of technology is wreaking havoc on the posture of modern man. In ...
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ALEX Gift Guide – Gadgets To Beef Up Productivity At Work
As we approach the final quarter of the year, it’s time now more than ever, ...
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What Are They Saying About ALEX?
The best way we can show you how well ALEX works is to get it into the hands of ...
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Meet The ALEX Team
We sat down with the Jonathan and Chee, CTO and CEO of Namu INC and ...
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ALEX At TRANS H.Spectrum Taiwan
Early last week, The ALEX team and I headed down to Taipei to participate in ...
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How Text Neck is ruining productivity in your office
How Text Neck Is Ruining Productivity In Your Office
By now, you've probably heard of ‘Text Neck’. The latest term for the chronic pain ...
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The ALEX Test
How many times do you need to be told? By now, you would have seen ...
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What Is Text Neck?
Some Kind of Wearable Messaging Device? Is Text Neck some kind of wearable that lets ...
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